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Ruby in Scratch

Scratch is a wonderful programming playground and now you can use sprites from Hello Ruby with your creations!

How to move from unplugged activities to real coding? Try these Hello Ruby x Scratch activities!

How to bring new sprites to Scratch:

  • Download the zip file on the right for a full list of assets.

  • Open the zip file on your computer.

  • In Scratch, click the button which is second furthest right on the bar it will allow one to select a file to upload from your computer.

  • For more instructions, see the Scratch wiki

What can you do?

  • You can find a folder of Scratch sprites here

  • Try building out a game where Ruby collects the gems? For inspiration, see this project

  • Make a maze game inside the computer!

  • Or what about recreating the Dresscode activity?

  • What kind of discussion could Ruby and Julia have?

Send us your creations at hello (a) helloruby.com!


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