(Computer) memory game

The computer needs memory to work as well as many other components. With this memory game you'll get to know the different components of a computer. You'll also get to test and develop your own memory.


Print out the computer memory game cards. Remember to print out everything two times, because you'll need pairs for each card. You can print directly on cardboard and cut out the cards carefully.

If you print out the cards on regular paper, cut along the lines and glue on cardboard. If you want the cards to last longer, consider laminating them.

Go through the different names on the cards first.


Classic memory game

Mix the cards up and arrange them face down on the table. Turn two cards at a time to see if they match. If you turned the matching cards, leave them face up or take them away. If not, you have to put them back face down while trying to remember what cards they were. Take turns – this is the fun part. As someone who’s just turned the wrong cards may give a good clue to the next person! Continue until all the matches are made. The player who makes the most matches wins.

Virus warning!

You can play the memory game with a different set of rules.

If a player turns a viruscard and can't find a pair on their own turn, all the cards on the table are shuffled. If one of the players has already discovered the virus scanner card, the player gets the viruscard for him/herself and the cards don't get shuffled. The player who makes the most matches wins.

DIY rules

You can also come up with your own set of rules. Remember to teach the rules to others.

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