My First Computer

My First Computer is an introduction to the amazing and complicated machine that is the computer. Few things are as exciting as computers. And now you’ll get to design your very own one.

Build your own computer

What you'll need

  • Scissors or a craft knife.
  • Duct tape and glue.
  • Brightly colored pens or pencils.
  • Scrap paper for decoration.
  1. Start by cutting out the computer and then keyboard, following the lines. Be careful and precise.

  2. Next, cut out the components. Put them aside in a neat pile.

  3. Cut out the the operating systems, files, stickers and website.

  4. Fold the computer in half and find the right place for each component inside the computer.

  5. Choose which operating system your computer runs and put it on the case.

  6. Make a funny sound when you turn on the computer for the first time.

  7. Now you can design your own program or website. Maybe a shop? Or a game? Or a movie app? So many fun choices. You can also design an operating system and put the files on your desktop. (But beware of the virus file!)

  8. Finally, decorate your computer with stickers. Ta-da!

More things to do


  • What are computers good at? What are they bad at?
  • What happens inside the computer when you click on a button?
  • How does the computer remember things?
  • What are your favorite games/apps/websites?


  • Design an application for an astronaut or a dolphin doctor. Where might they need computers?
  • Be a computer doctor! What happens when the CPU gets a cough? Or Hard Drive is full?
  • Design a mouse, a power chord or a video camera for your computer.

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IBuild a computer


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