We share a lot about ourselves on the Internet. Websites find out your preferences and habits as you use their services.

Fill out the following pieces of data about yourself. It’s ok if you haven’t done all the things on the list - just skip the unnecessary ones .

  • 5 things you’ve searched online

  • 4 things you’ve liked or given thumbs up

  • 3 videos you’ve watched

  • 2 places you’ve been with a phone

  • 1 person you’ve messaged with

Ask your family members or friends to do the same. Mix the selfies and try to guess who is who based on the data. Is the person a girl or a boy? How old might the person be? Draw a selfie based on the data. Put up the portraits and have a mini art show.


Which one of these are things you’d share with your best friend? Which ones with a stranger?

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