Dance time!

Code is a sequence of instructions written in a language that the computer understands. Computers need instructions that are precise, in the right order, and cover everything the user might try to do with it. We’ll practice these three things by writing a code for dancing!

Most programming languages are built around sequence, repetition and selection.


Computers need a sequence, or order of instructions to follow. For example: lift your hands up, hands down, hands down, hands up.


Computers can repeat the same task over and over again without getting bored like we do. They are very good at it and always do it perfectly. This is called repetition. For example: repeat three times.


Finally, computers need to be programmed to make a selection, or choice. This helps the computers make decisions and pick what thing to do next. Computers use words like IF, THEN and ELSE to help them make decisions. For example, IF boy is on the ground, turn around.

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