Who am I?

Now you’ve met all of Ruby’s friends. Can you remember all of them? Open the file on left hands side and find them from the picture.

Friend 1:

  • I am not smiling.
  • I’m in the last column.
  • I am not orange.

Friend 2:

  • I have round ears.
  • My nose is also round.
  • I’m in the lower row.

Friend 3:

  • I have orange in me.
  • I’m not in the second column.
  • I have a black nose.

Friend 4:

  • I have grey in me.
  • I’m not sad.
  • My hair is spiky.

Friend 5:

  • I have black eyes.
  • There’s no green in me.
  • I’m not in the first two columns.

Friend 6:

Can you write the instructions to find the last friend?

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